EDO Teacher

The worldwide education market has been characterized in recent years by a shift towards e-Learning through ever-more sophisticated yet user-friendly technology.

Edusoft develops, customizes, and implements comprehensive English Language Learning solutions based on a Blended Learning approach. Blended Learning integrates face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated instruction in order to provide a coherent learning solution.

Some of the benefits of the Blended Learning Approach are:

  • Combines the best of teacher-led instruction with the advantages of technology.
  • Increases the efficiency of the learning process, students learn more in less time.
  • Reduces student drop-out and failure by enhancing student motivation.
  • Provides more logistical options: increased access and flexibility.
  • Learning is Self-Paced: learning experiences that the learner completes individually, at his own speed and on his own time.
  • Offers collaboration environments in which learners communicate with others, e.g. e-mail, forums, online chats.
We can be pretty certain that the trend toward blended learning systems will increase. It may even become so ubiquitous that we will eventually drop the word blended and just call it learning.
- Charles R. Graham