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Earn money sharing your knowledge of English!

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Smart English, the ideal platform for teaching English.

It allows you to have virtual sessions with your students and also assign independent study activities. During the sessions the study material is shared and it becomes an interactive whiteboard.

Lessons ready to be assigned to your students!

You will find English lessons of all abilities, organized according to the levels of the Common European Framework. In addition, as a teacher you can add content to the lessons already available.

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Custom plans

Your students will start with a placement exam and according to the results you can design their personalized study plan. For each lesson there is a digital task that will allow you to analyze their application of language skills and give personalized feedback.

Requirements to be a tutor

-Obtain C1 level on the SMART ENGLISH placement test. It is presented
directly through our platform.

-Present an official TOEFL or TOEIC results report certifying level C,
according to the score range of each exam.

-Minimum experience of two years teaching English.

-To take online training in the use of the SMART ENGLISH platform.

-Interview with SMART ENGLISH pedagogical team.

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